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5 tips for the perfect bedroom by Expat Living - June issue

5 tips for the perfect bedroom by Expat Living - June issue

Advice from the team at Blanc des Vosges on making your sleeping spot a stylish haven.

#1 Opt for cosy, harmonising colours

The choice of elegant and comfortable bed linen is key, as it will set the tone of the whole bedroom. Choose something that matches the colour of your curtains to help create a harmonised colour tone in the room. It’s also a good idea to match the colours of your bed linen and your throw, if you have one. Choose two sets of bed linen so you can change it weekly to enjoy different French designs. Adding cushions is another must – though not too many, or it will make the room look too busy (and it will be too much work moving them around every morning and night!).

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#2 Make it feel like a home away from home

If you have a console, add a few family pictures; at this time, expats in particular will be feeling the separation from “back home”, and the strain on relationships. Having some pictures to remind us of what's important is key. 

#3 Let there be light
Lighting is essential; you want a warm yellow colour coming from the ceiling, and table lamps on the bedsides so you can enjoy reading in bed. The choice of ceiling light is also very important, as this is the last thing you’ll see when you close your eyes, and the first one in the morning! Trends are currently for airy designs in light colours, preferably wood and fabric.


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#4 Stay organised
As the saying goes, an organised home means an organised mind. For worry-free nights, avoid over-decorating your bedroom. On the wall, we recommend just a few art pieces – frames, craft creations, a few hooks to hold your favourite hats. Avoid a storage tray where you empty your pockets every night, as this will accumulate. Instead, use a few small boxes to store jewellery, or lacquer boxes with compartments.

#5 Take your cues from local traditions
Since the bed is the key element of the bedroom, it needs to be facing the window for feng shui purposes, with the headboard against a wall. You need space to walk around it, and it also has to be close to a window to allow the surrounding air to be renewed daily.

About Blanc Des Vosges

Since 1843, this family-owned and family-run business has been producing top-of-the-range bed linen in Gérardmer, France. Today, it’s run by fourth generation Jean-François Birac, with the Blanc Des Vosges team aiming to handle each thread, stitch and fold with the same level of passion and precision as the forefathers before them. The brand’s traditional and contemporary designs are mastered with hand-made finishes and details, such as ladder stitch, picot, piping and applied ribbons and braids. In addition to a permanent range of over 50 colours in various qualities, Blanc des Vosges launches two new collections annually, with over 30 new designs in the year.

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