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How to choose your bed linen?

How to choose your bed linen?

Are you spending a lot of time in your bed sleeping, chilling or simply enjoying free time ? Don’t you think you ought to choose the ultimate bed linen ? A good bed linen is key to a comfortable and quality rest, and it can uplift your bedroom with modern and trendy designs. 

There is usually quite a lot of product information on the back of the packaging. However, do you understand what they mean and what numbers or descriptions are indications of a good bed linen? Here are the most common two things that you can refer to or learn about when choosing your perfect bed linen.


Two criteria in choosing your best-fit bed linen

1. Thread count
It refers to the number of horizontal and vertical threads in one square inch of a fabric. The higher the thread count, the finer and softer the fabric will be. So you may wonder - the higher the thread count, the better the quality of the bed linen? This is however a wrong interpretation. While having more thread count, especially under the humid weather, you will easily feel hot, sultry and cramped because of the high density of threads per square inch. A good range is between 200 and 400. Below 200 it will be rough and not soft and above 400 means the fibres are most likely woven and therefore heavy. 

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2. Material

Cotton is the most common component used in bedding. Blanc des Vosges is using combed cotton, which is one of the best materials because it is a softer and more durable version of the common cotton. It’s made by further treating the cotton, and this extra work brings extra quality . With three cotton materials to choose from, each of them have their own advantages. 


a. Jacquard

These fabrics in 100% combed cotton have a higher thread count, which brings a clear silky aspect to the bed linen. They allow the sheets to be printed with different patterns that could reflect the light in different ways.


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b. Percale

This tightly woven quality of cloth is the best option in summer time because of its highly breathable texture. Being soft, cozy and durable for years of use, percale is a bedroom standard that is suitable for repeated use and washing, and also provides a range of luxurious and premium designs.

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c. Sateen

These fabrics are silky and smooth to the touch, but a little thicker and more tightly woven than percale. While percale may be the perfect sheet for the summer months, sateen is definitely a warmer fabric choice that is perfect for snuggling when the temperatures outside drop. It usually has a high sheen that creates a luxurious and romantic sense to your room. 

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