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Who we are...




Based in Gérardmer since 1843, Blanc des Vosges is a wholly family-owned and family-run business headed up by 4th generation Jean-François Birac. Blanc des Vosges manufactures high quality bed linen ranges in Gerardmer with the same passion and dedication as their forefathers did 170 years ago. 
The company has always been proud not only to perpetuate Tradition through a product 100%  made in France but also proud to promote Modernity through collections  which are on-trend each season. Each Blanc des Vosges design is the result of demanding standards in terms of service, creativity and exceptional know-how.



Blanc des Vosges bed linens are wholly manufactured in the Vosges, since 1843.
Thanks to their expertise and rare know-how, our  seamstresses and craftsmen bring life to the bed linen products they manufacture. In particular they are able to offer hand-made finishes : ladder stitch, picot and double or single embroidery overstitching, piping, applied ribbons and braids. Bed linen is not, however, just about the finish. Firstly products have to be cut with great precision and then assembled. They have to be run through quality control, ironed, folded and packaged too.



The Blanc des Vosges style is unique in the world of home linens.
Stylists dedicated to Blanc des Vosges work tirelessly to bring visually strong and creative designs to market.
Colour harmonies tell a story, linking a design to an era, to a trend or to a place.  Blanc des Vosges seeks  perfection, layering tones, intensifying and creating colour combinations to bring depth and poetry to a theme. Recognised for its mastery of  colour, the Blanc des Vosges style is also renowned for its simplicity and contemporary, urban edge.


The brand launches 2 completely new collections every year.

In addition to a permanent range of plains offering a choice of over 50 colours in various qualities, Blanc des Vosges launches over 30 new designs a year.

The creative process is also ensured through various partnerships. It is in this context that the famous British brand Sanderson and Princesse Tania de Bourbon Parme have been working with Blanc des Vosges for a number of years.  

Thanks to strong creation over the years, Blanc des Vosges is increasingly recognized for being the French brand offering the widest ranges.




Our ranges are distributed via a network of 1500 Blanc des Vosges retail stores, department stores, specialist bed, furniture stores and retailers. By marrying tradition, modernity and a personalized service, the Blanc des Vosges range has become the indispensable French home linens brand for those seeking a quality product. 


Blanc des Vosges also trades in international markets. The Blanc des Vosges range is sold in over 25 countries in the world  (Benelux, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, UAE, Lebanon, Kuweit, Qatar, South Korea, Taiwan).





Blanc des Vosges is proud to be a member of 2 groups reconciling tradition with innovation, know-how with creativity, hard work with enthusiasm, heritage with the future, local business with international business.



Blanc des Vosges proposes ranges certified by the label Vosges terre textile.
Vosges terre textile awards this label to those products with at least 75% of the production process based in the Vosges region. Thanks to our ancestral know-how, the authenticity of our products and the quality of work carried out since the very beginning of our activity in the Vosges, Blanc des Vosges has been awarded the use of this label which is an additional guarantee of regional authenticity and quality for the consumer.


"Vosges terre textile" represents not only the roots of our industry, but also its know-how and its traditions.  It is the story of manufacturers who wish to safeguard their local know-how and manufacturing processes. 
All the companies awarded the label are audited by an independent organization mandated to verify that each member company respects the charter for good practice and the traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process.
To find out more : Vosges Terre Textile.



    Blanc des Vosges was also awarded the Living Heritage Company label in 2011. This label aimed at promoting excellence in industry is awarded by the Ministry for the Economy, Industry and Employment to those French companies exploiting artisan know-how.
    Since 1843, it is the know-how of our 80 seamstresses, cutters, embroiderers and stylists and our determination to constantly bring innovative and on-trend products to market which makes François Hans’s brand Blanc des Vosges an essential player in the home textiles market.