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3 reasons why you should change your pillowcase weekly

3 reasons why you should change your pillowcase weekly

#1 Have a pimple? Wash your pillowcase  
Every night you lay your head full of hair on your pillow but did you know that your hair holds more dirt than any other body parts? All the accumulated dirt after a long day will stay on your pillowcase and then go onto your face as you sleep at night. Dirt, oil, sweat, dead skin cells… it all goes on your face and leaves you struggling with acne and blackheads.  
#2 Dirty pillowcases can be home to dust mites and bed bugs
Dust mites and bed bugs will make themselves at home on your pillowcase if you leave it unwashed for a long time. If you are coughing, sneezing, have an itchy throat, eyes, skin… chances are you are suffering from a dust mite allergy. As they are minuscule and you can’t see them, you need to wash your pillowcase regularly to prevent an invasion, especially because if they get to the actual pillow, it will be very hard to get rid of them.
#3 Pillowcases damage your hair
If above reasons were not enough, pillowcases also damage your hair. More specifically, cotton pillowcases can lead to split ends, hair breakage and tangled hair because of the rough cotton fibres. At Blanc des Vosges, we recommend you switching to silk pillowcases as they will treat your hair and skin better.
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