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Anti-epidemic home care tips - learn to take care of bedding in spring

Anti-epidemic home care tips - learn to take care of bedding in spring

Did you know that we spend on average 1/3 of our time in bed every day? Finding and taking care of a homey bed and cozy bed linen is therefore no easy task, especially when seasons change. With spring around the corner, prepare yourself to fight against damp pillowcases and bed sheets. But do not worry, Blanc des Vosges and its bed linen expert are here to share their tips and secrets to keep bed linen fresh all year round.


#1 Wash your bed linen regularly, every one or two weeks  

While we sleep, we tend to sweat, dead skin cells shed, accumulated dirt in our hair is absorbed by our pillowcases making the perfect home for bacteria to foster on. Unwashed bed sheets can also lead to allergies, asthma, or stuffy nose as they attract a lot of dust mites. Washing them regularly is extremely important.


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#2 Keep your home fresh

Do you smell an unusual scent after washing your bed linen? Clothes worn for a day contain up to 4 million bacteria. Can you imagine how much is on one duvet cover? Therefore, keep the humidity as low as possibility to inhibit the speed of allergen reproduction. You can invest in a dehumidifier but there are also natural ways to dehumidify a room such as using rock salt or baking soda.


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#3 Do not forget to clean your bedding

Last but not least, even though bed sheets and pillowcases are what touches our bodies, pillows, duvets or quilts also need extra attention. Do not hesitate to vacuum clean your mattress every now and then as it is relatively simple and not time-consuming. You can even flip it around as seasons change if it has summer or winter sides.

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